It seems that the 5.230 repeater has some sort of output power problem or maybe a bad antenna.  The 444.075 repeater still functions normally.

I plan a trip to the site for this week for work.  At that time I’ll figure out what the problem is with the 2 meter repeater and make plans to repair it.

I’m also planning to remove the RLC-3 repeater controller.  The Asterisk repeater controller has been very stable and reliable so it doesn’t seem that we need the redundant controller.  By using only the Asterisk controller we can actually gain functionality.  It should become possible to use multiple CTCSS tones on the system.  We will also begin to use the 2 meter and 70cm repeaters more independently, each will become its own node that can be linked or unlinked as we see fit.

If anyone is interested in participating in this work, please contact me.  Anyone who would like to become a control operator should also contact me.