Vegas was interesting.  The training on the Daniels radios was excellent and I’m glad I got that, it will help the county greatly.   Just as interesting to me though was the overall environment.

You can really tell how bad Vegas is hurting right now.  There is elbow room in the casinos.  Prices of meals seem to be up a bit and quality is good.  Attitudes are good but you can tell that the people who are working have been working very hard.  I talked to several people who backed that up.  The folks who are fortunate enough to have jobs are busting butts to make ends meet.  Nevada apparently has the highest unemployment rate.  So many homes are for sale or in foreclosure.

As I said, the attitudes are good.  But the decadent playground atmosphere is gone.  It’s still fun, but it’s not like it was.  It certainly isn’t as I remember it being for the last 25 years.