It cracks me up to think about it.

Alphabet made its fortune based on its ability to target advertising to people who were likely to be interested in particular items. And that is indeed very smart. Why advertise Hello Kitty items to a guy who got on the interwebs to search for car parts? True, he might be interested in Hello Kitty items, but not at that moment. But if you’re selling self sealing stem bolts then the guy who just searched for torque specifications for Grade 8 duranium fasteners might actually be interested in buying your product.

That’s all well and good but things have gotten out of hand. Many months ago a friend asked me a question about a particular backpack. I had to look it up because I wasn’t familiar with that exact model. Google directed me to what I needed, I was able to advise my friend and life went on.


Months later I am still seeing advertising for a product I could give two duces about. Google, Amazon, eBay, all of them are showing me the best deals on this item that I have never had an interest in. The have gone so far with this that I now ignore all advertising because most of it is as irrelevant.

The ‘intelligent advertising” has finally come full circle.

Note that even before I have submitted this for publication I am already receiving advertising for Hello Kitty and stem bolts just because I mentioned them. Ha!