Darin Lehnert (KC7TIG) came over yesterday and we installed his IRLP / Echolink node at my place.  Currently running 50 Watts into a J-Pole antenna at about 30′ on 147.55 MHz simplex (100.0 Hz tone required on your transmitter).  This thing seems to have fantastic coverage of Sandpoint and Dover with a handheld and pretty decent coverage of Ponderay. 

On IRLP this is node 3929 and on Echolink it is node 588857 with a call sign of KC7TUI-L.

*1 Will tell you the status of the node (link up or down).

*2 Will tell you the current time.

Whenever you want to use the node please listen for a bit first.  Then check node status with *1.

To connect to another IRLP node you simply enter the 4 digit node number you want.  To disconnect you enter 73.  For example:  “N7JCT connecting to the Meaning Of Life Reflector Ninenty Six Eleven” then press 9611.  Wait patiently as the system connects, you will hear it announce to you.  When you’re done you identify and enter 73.

Echolink operation is similar except you press # and then the 5 or 6 digit node number you wish to connect with.

Darin is providing everything for this, and that’s quite a bit.  it’s a computer, radio, power supply, antenna, mast, coax and all the work to put it together.  That’s easily over $1,000 worth of stuff.  I only provide the network connection, electricity and the place to put it.  It’s a great deal for the local amateur radio community.  Hopefully it will see a lot of use.  And hopefully people remember to thank Darin for making it available to us.


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