Yesterday in Coeur d’ Alene, ID the human garbage listed below was collected. These are people who favor fascism and decided to demonstrate that in North Idaho. Although the majority of them are not from Idaho they went there because many people with that kind of thinking believe that the state is favorable to their views.

Fortunately for the people listed below, the local enforcers were able to intercept the U-Haul van they were in before it arrived at the intended destination. Had they arrived, opened the vans rollup door, and come out of that van with all the theatrics they had planned, apparently they would likely have been met with a reception they didn’t expect. It would have been something worthy of an epic Hollywood movie scene.

That is because it is quite possible they would have been immediately gunned down by a superior force. Not just better armed, it appears there may be a group that had better intelligence and exerted much better control of themselves. If true it is a sign that this group controlled the situation and, at least to some extent, has controlled the narrative after the fact.

The news tells us that a “concerned citizen” tipped off enforcers about this van full of fascists. One of the enforcers is quoted as saying that the “concerned citizen” was an informant of that fascist group. The police chief has since contradicted this statement. Regardless, that statement has no doubt planted a seed of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the minds of the fascist group,

It is far more likely that the other group, the group prepared to eliminate the fascists, notified the enforcers themselves. This would have been done to give local enforcers every chance to do the right thing and be the heros of the day, without bloodshed. That’s how it turned out, thankfully.

And so, you’ll not be reading about 31 people being slaughtered like fish in a barrel as they attempted to exit a U-Haul van in Idaho yesterday. Didn’t happen. Could have. Maybe you’ll wonder how close it came to that reality.

If this were true there is a pack of human garbage that should be thankful today that they are still alive. What a twist that the thanks they owe would be to the very people they despise.

Here is a list of human garbage collected by enforcers during the Pride celebration in Coeur d’ Alene, ID on June 11, 2022:

  • Kerry Lamont Arnold
  • Jared Michael Boyce
  • Nathan David Brenner
  • Colton Michael Brown
  • Josiah Daniel Buster
  • Devin Wayne Center
  • Dylan Carter Corio
  • Winston North Durham
  • Joseph Garret Garland
  • Branden Mitchel Haney
  • Richard Jacob Jessop
  • James Michael Johnson
  • James Julius Johnson
  • Connor Patrick Moran
  • Kieran Padraig Morris
  • Lawrence Alexander Norman
  • Justin Michael Oleary
  • Cameron Kathan Pruitt
  • Forrest Clark Rankin
  • Thomas Ryan Rousseau
  • Conor James Ryan
  • Spencer Thomas Simpson
  • Derek Joseph Smith
  • Alexander Nicholai Sisenstein
  • Dakota Ray Tabler
  • Steven Derrick Tucker
  • Wesley Evan Van Horn
  • Mitchell Frederick Wagner
  • Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield
  • Robert Benjamin Whitted
  • Graham Jones Whitsom