Cranking up the tunes tonight and watched several performances by Rammstein.  These were in several locations.  One song performed in Paris and I recalled some of my history classes.  Just made me think.  Then another song performed in Moscow.  Made me think a little more.

Imagine being in Till Lindemann’s shoes.  I mean I’ve seen some changes in my life, sure.  Lived them.  Been there, done that and got the “Aim High” T-Shirt.  But this guy, just 3 years older than me, he’s really experienced it.

Kids these days wouldn’t get it.  He was East German.  East because of terrible history, a terrible war followed by a terrible division of that country.  His band performs in a country taken that was taken over by Germany in the big war.  Soviet rule, life behind the iron curtain, the wall coming down, all that.  His band performs world wide.  To perform their act in places like Paris, then Moscow, then Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Rio, London….I’m about 100% sure that sort of thing couldn’t have happened when we were kids.

I dunno.  Mind blown.  Just thinking of all the changes that have happened in my lifetime and we all seem to think “yeah, whatever” because that’s how life has been.  So why am I in shock when Trump does stupid shit?  There are amazing things going on in this life, amazing in good ways and odd.