Not a lot accomplished this weekend. I guess I needed the time to rest up with so much going on at work, parenting, changes in the weather and any number of other things.

I did try working on the Oldtown node for Dave’s place. That laptop had an old Broadcom wifi card in it that isn’t well supported in Linux. Even in Winblows the performance of them is marginal at best. So I took that out and tried to configure a USB unit. I just didn’t have the patience to follow through with it though. So we’ll see about that down the road. Maybe this week I’ll forge ahead on that or work on the radio for his node.

I have to say that the preferred radio for a simplex AllStar node really has been the GE MLS II. Excellent audio, sounds so much better than any other radio I’ve tinkered with by far. And the transmitter seems to withstand just about anything you throw at it. I have repeatedly caused my fan to fail while the radio runs full rated power on the WIN System. (Note that’s rated power for an intermittent duty mobile). So yeah, I’m pretty happy with that radio.

This weekend I did sample the porter that Josh and I bottled a few weeks ago. Very smooth. Not too bitter, just right.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased. I would like to have accomplished more this weekend but…sometimes it’s about kicking back and resting a little.