Elon Musk has long been someone I admire.  Tonight I caught him on The Daily Show and I have to say, he impressed me even more.  He is so smart, he’s serious and yet doesn’t take himself too seriously.  The world is fortunate to have him and we need more like him.   Perhaps he will clone himself next.

Until about six brews ago, I used bleach to sanitize.  It works and I couldn’t tell that it was making any difference in the beer.  Tonight I had two brown ales that I brewed after I changed to iodophor.  No big deal.  But then I had one I brewed from the bleach days.  There is a faint hint of chlorine.   Not that it’s bad, but I can tell its there.  I’m happy with iodophor but wonder now if I will notice a difference when I try Starsan.

I long for a career change.  While I love the technical things I do, I’m often not allowed to do those things.  It’s a shame, I’m quite good at them…when I’m allowed to do them and am left alone.  I enjoy the people I work directly with.  I really am quite happy overall.  The problems come in with the politics and the politicians.  The problems are worse with those who seek to build empires, build reputation and force their will upon others.  What would be really nice, for a change, would be if we were allowed to just do our jobs and go home at the end of the day.  I’m convinced that if this became reality we would do great things for the community and lead much better lives.  Not just me, not just 911, but everyone in public service.  Although I dream, I realize it’s only a dream.  So now I dream of change.  One day I hope to see a better path, and be wise enough to take it.