Our block on Hunter street in Mullan, ID during the 70’s and 80’s was a great place to be a kid.  We could pretty much roam wherever we wanted without fear, and without our parents fearing much as well.  All of us on the block were like brothers and sisters and that included everything from fighting to that special bond of friendship.

My little brother came all the way from Ohio to attend the all class reunion.  Since he was class of 87 this was a good time to recognize that he’s really old.  At the reunion we realized that we had a representative from nearly every house on the block.  Best of all was when Jackie May Almquist (Gorshe) mentioned that she had babysat every one of us.

For those who are not yet visually impaired, here is the photo.  Left to right we have Thor Wiegman, Jackie Almquist, Hans Wiegman, Mike Koenig, Dana Peite, Chad Flood.

The Hunter Addition Kids