This morning I started off by feeding the cat and brewing coffee. That’s always how the routine starts. With the coffee in progress things flow toward cleaning up the kitchen. Nothing fancy, just doing whatever dirty dishes nobody else bothered to clean.

These are all small tasks. The don’t take much time at all. There isn’t any drama associated with doing them or completing them. Nobody is winning any awards for them.

And yet doing these small tasks is what seems to be what keeps me whole. These small wins give me a start of the day that feels like I’ve already accomplished something. I don’t even build from there. Small win after small win and so goes my day.

It would be nice if I could get big wins. Oh I get a few medium size ones here and there. But I realize that I can’t stop the war. Nothing I can do about poverty or fascism or eliminating COVID or cancer. Believe me, if there was something I could do about the big things I would devote my entire existence to it. But I know it doesn’t work that way.

I’m learning to just be me. That’s will be a medium size win. I’m finding that it starts with developing a habit of accomplishing the small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff? Sure. But get it done.